What does Google My Business Mean for your Business?

google news / June 20, 2014 / web development

This week Google announced a consolidation of sorts. What was formerly Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ for your business have merged, giving you one stop access to your information on Google. From Google My Business you can access your business listing, manage reviews (Google reviews only, of course), access AdWords and Insights, and manage any YouTube videos you may have. What this means for your business depends on how you use Google's tools currently. If you are currently using Google Places, Google+, and Google Analytics (and you should be), it is very convenient to have them all in one place. The same goes for Google AdWords, if you use them.
Google Search will rank your site no matter whether or not you use these services but using these services will only help your site ranking. Using Google services does not obviate the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but works along with SEO to help your site get found for relevant searches.
So.... do it yourself or call us but if your business isn't using Google My Business you need to start now, it's an easy way to get started on getting exposure for your site. Back to blog news...

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