ellanet meeting with Happen Inc
About Us

In 1997, we set out to create a web design & hosting group that would utilize the changing and expanding tools of the trade, bringing our customers the latest in web design. Today, this mindset remains the same at ellanet. We continue to move with the everchanging internet & mobile landscape.

Located in the Northside Historic Business district of Cincinnati Ohio, we continue to grow along with our awesome community of people. We are small, but huge on service and keen on design.

Today, our focus in web design and mobile development is in the creation of responsive web sites that flow seamlessly whether being viewed on browser, tablet or mobile devices; and in implementing the latest in ios and android mobile app development.

Our small size provides for great service to our clients. When you call ellanet, you will be speaking with someone in the group who will be directly involved in the creation and management of your project.

Let us assist you in broadening the audience for your product and or service, by providing the latest in web and mobile development, here.

Who We Are

Bruce Demske

Bruce Demske
The "ellanet". Leader. Founder Extraordinaire.

ellanet is his brainchild. Starting with an ISDN line in his garage in the year a.d. 1997, Bruce set out to build a web design and hosting group to move with the everchanging internet landscape and to maintain personalized service to clients. Today, his viewpoint remains the same and needless to say, our clients appreciate that. A bit of a rennaissance man, Bruce also heads our community business organization, wrenches on and rides his old Triumphs, and enjoys his family.

Zach Stier

Zach Stier
Programmer. Developer. Office Guru.

Maintaining the nuts and bolts of your project, Zach exhibits much tour de force as he tackles many projects daily, all the while with energy and positive mode to boot. Outside of ellanet, Zach is a dedicated father and likes to explore nature while hiking with his dog Alice.

Monique Monteagudo

Monique Monteagudo
Designer. Developer. Bon Vivant.

Intuition and enthusiasm for creative solutions to content driven design is Monique's passion. At home with family she carries her creative spark into the kitchen as well. In her spare time she enjoys a bit of rock-n-roll and fashion shows out on the town.