CocoaConf Here We Come!

iOS development / August 04, 2014 / web development

To CocoaConf we go! Super excited to be attending a bit of awesome in the next few days, as we will be engaged in listening and learning from the best iPhone, iPad, and Mac developers in the region at the Columbus edition of CocoaConf.

Topics of the 2 day conference provide a refresher on tried and true tools in conjunction with new tools in iOS development. There will be questions answered such as:

What do the high-level constructs of Apple's new language mean for AFNetworking? How revolutionionary is Metal? What are some of the new technologies available in the WebKit framework? What are the new rules to play by in Methodologies, Mathematics, and the Metalinguistic Implications of Swift?

Insights and new understanding explaining:
OpenGL ES and Swift Programming Language; new concurrency handling available in iOS 8 as well as best practices to ensure Core Data application is threaded correctly; AV Foundation on iOS; creative Uses of iOS 8 Extensions; building powerful Apps with iOS and Azure; Core Image framework with regards to photographic effects and color manipulation to face-finding and QR Code generation, to name a few topics.

There was a lot of thought put into this CocoaConf and we at ellanet will be engaged in every aspect including the live jam session by James Dempsey and the Breakpoints, and taking part in a gameshow based on the long-running BBC game show "Just a minuteā€...applied to iOS of Course! Back to blog news...

CocoaConf 2014